the phenomenon

At the end of 2023, as his first album is released, the English rocker Roger Godfrey is about to turn 80.

Among the songs composed throughout his lifetime, Roger chose 10 titles that he placed in the hands of producer Bryan Clark (and the cream of the crop of Tennessee’s session musicians) at the iconic Blackbird Studios in Nashville.  Thus, the richness of his compositions, steeped in harmonic and melodious progressions from his native England, are bolstered by the strength of the mythical sound of southern USA.

Out of this came 10 little rock/pop gems, stories of life, of travels and of loves of a man eighty years young.

In this turbulent world, here is a reassuring joyous and optimistic return to roots,  where heady melodies swirl and stick in your mind like mantras.

I Love You Anyway the first single from the album, will come out in October 2023.

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